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Safety Planning

Increasing My Safety in the Relationship

  1. I will have important phone numbers available to my children and myself.
  2. I can tell ______________ and ______________about the violence.
  3. If I leave home, I can go to ______________.
  4. I can leave money, car keys, clothes, and documents with ______________.
  5. If I leave, I will bring ______________ _______________________________.
  6. I can keep change for phone calls with me at all times.
  7. I can arrange a signal system for dangerous situations.
  8. I can keep money separately stored, if possible.
  9. I can rehearse my escape plan with my children and support person.
  10. I can get an Injunction for Protection and keep it on me at all times.
  11. I can keep a copy of the Injunction at ______________.
  12. When I feel down and ready to return to a potentially abusive situation, I can ______________.

Increasing My Safety When the Relationship Is Over

  1. I can change the locks and secure my windows.
  2. I will tell ______________ and ______________ that my partner no longer lives with me -- AND to call the police if s/he is near my residence.
  3. I will tell the people who take care of my children that only______________ and______________ have permission to pick them up.
  4. I can tell ______________ at work about my situation.
  5. I can avoid stores, banks, and______________ which I used when I was in the relationship.

Checklist Items for You and Your Children

(Keep safe, separate, and available)

  1. Identification (Driver's License)
  2. Car Registration
  3. Birth Certificates
  4. Social Security Cards
  5. Bankbook and Checks
  6. Money and Credit Cards
  7. Car and House Keys
  8. Welfare Identification
  9. Divorce/Custody Papers
  10. School/Medical Records
  11. Lease/Mortgage Papers
  12. Insurance Papers
  13. Address Book
  14. Medication

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